Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mulatu Astatke: Ethio-jazz

My online friend em2wice turned me on to Mulatu Astatke just recently. So I thought I'd return the favor and put the word out. This is good stuff.

According to Wikipedia;
Mulatu Astatke (surname also spelled Astatqé) is an Ethiopian musician and arranger. He is known as the father of Ethio-jazz. Born in 1943 in the western Ethiopian city of Jimma, Mulatu was musically trained in London, New York City, and Boston, where he was the first African student at Berklee College of Music. He would later combine his jazz and Latin music influences with traditional Ethiopian music.

From New York City to Addis Ababa: The Best of Mulatu Astatke

You can listen his new album here >>> Mulatu Astatke

Mulatu Astatke

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