Monday, July 6, 2009

Some of my favorite David Cassidy songs(with a little Barry Manilow)

These are some of my favorite David Cassidy songs, I also threw in a Barry Manilow song because David Cassidy covered him.
Rock me baby


I think I love you

Lying to myself- this is the Live version, the version I'm used to seeing is the Music Video. Unfortunately they didn't have it on Youtube anymore.

I write the songs:
David Cassidy's Version

Barry Manilow's Version

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Daydreaming David said...

As a David Cassidy fan, I must nitpick this post. Cassidy actually recorded "I Write the Song" months before Manilow did. Apparently, RCA, Cassidy's label at the time, thought the song "too soft" for the North American market and did only a European release. Shortly after, Arista took over RCA and Clive Davis, who was at Arista's helm, preferred Manilow's version and pushed the release of that record. The rest, as the saying goes, is history.

I prefer Cassidy's soulful rendition to Manilow's pleasant pop but each version is distinctive. Cassidy's live performance on YouTube is a tad overwrought - the recorded version (also on YouTube) is less so and pretty perfect imo.

Surprised not to see "Common Thief" among your Cassidy faves. I find it vastly superior to "Lyin' to Myself".

Just discovered your blog and bookmarked it - looks to be a promising musical discovery journey. Thanks!