Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Brazilian Jazz pianist

She has recorded several notable albums, including one featuring duets with Herbie Hancock. Their 1995 disc "Solos and Duets" was nominated for a Grammy in the "Jazz instrumental video" category. In 1997, American musician Bob Brookmeyer dedicated a full album to his arrangements of Eliane's compositions, backed by the Danish Jazz Orchestra and published under the name of "Impulsive!", which received another Grammy nomination as "Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album" in 2001.

"Eliane is a rare talent. She is of a new generation of aggressive pianists that attack music like a lioness attacking its prey, at the same time expressing a tenderness within the core of her passion that at times has brought me to tears. She never seems to run out of inventive ideas. It was a great joy for me to join her one to one as dueling pianists bent not on competing but challenging each other to reach deep down for shapes and colors to construct a musical painting." - Herbie Hancock

Elias is the poster girl for jazz globalization. Brazilian-born, now New York-based, Elias reveals her Latin roots, her classical apprenticeship, her harmonically complex composing skills and her refreshingly contemporary keyboard chops in her performance. All this, in collaboration with Brookmeyer, makes for an outstanding session. - Jazz Times on Impulsive!

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