Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Speech Debelle wins Mercury music prize

Speech Debelle, real name Corynne Elliot, got her pseudonym from her Jamaican grandmother. As the 26-year-old rapper from south London explains, she got a lot more from her — drive, work ethic, self-belief. Her gran’s original surname is Deeble, means “to explode with great force”. She is certainly doing that.

Debelle's album was written when she was a teenager living alone in a hostel. Asked in the post-award press conference what she would do with money she replied calmly "probably be smart and invest it."

Track lists
1. Searching
2. Key, The

3. Better Days - Speech Debelle & Micachu

4. Spinnin'
5. Go Then Bye

6. Daddy's Little Girl
7. Bad Boy
8. Wheels In Motion - Speech Debelle & Roots Manuva
9. Live And Learn
10. Working Weak
11. Buddy Love
12. Finish This Album
13. Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

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