Saturday, April 3, 2010

Courtney Love - Nobody's Daughter by Hole

According to news on the Hole Rock site, the band’s first LP in 10 years will see the light of day on April 27th via Mercury Records.
Full of controversy - but give me that rather than American Idol or X-Factor

Skinny Little Bitch

The first single, described by NME as,

"a balls-out, low-down dirty rock song, and as fine a signature tune for the new Hole as you could imagine. Tapping the same lyrical vein as 'Samantha', it's The Stooges fronted by a Joan Jett re-imagined as the Bride Of Frankenstein. And it’s the sound of Courtney having fun."


The second single,

"Originally tagged on the end of the Linda Perry sessions, its rockular nature inspired the direction that would lead to the resurrection of Hole. Powered by a Billy Corgan riff and firing from all nu-grunge cylinders the rest of the way, 'Samantha' announces Hole’s return doing what Courtney does best – skewering a hooker waitress/model actress who’s no better than she ought to be. “Watch her wrap her legs around this world”, snarls Courtney, as only she can."


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