Monday, April 6, 2009

How A Man With The Horn Saved My Life

The Man With The Horn
The Man With The Horn by Miles Davis

Some of you who read this blog may know my back ground, some of you may not. For those of you who do not, let me try to explain. I spent twenty years in the US Navy, it was for the most part, a lot of boredom punctuated by moments of absolute terror. I did ten years in submarines. Which at that time, during the cold war, required many, many days of being underway and under water. As we used to say, "I could tell you about it, but then I'd have to kill you."

Isolation works wonders on you, it makes you think about things in a much deeper way than most people every think about things. My friends and I often joked that there was not that much difference between being in prison and being underway on a submarine. Well you probably won't drown if you are in prison.

So the question is, "how did you survive it all?" Well one thing that got me by was music. I have always been a lover, promoter, and huge fan of music. And a particular piece of music, that kept me from going crazy during some of those long underway periods, was Miles Davies' Man With A Horn.

Track Listing

1. Fat Time 9:54
2. Back Seat Betty 11:18
3. Shout 5:51
4. Aida 8:12
5. The Man With The Horn 6:35
6. Ursula 10:48

Some of the things that Miles says in the interview are some of the wisest things that you will hear someone say. I love that statement, "there is no best in the arts." And his final statement says it all. He is cool.


Mitch said...

That was awesome!

Peace to you, my friend.

Ron Moorby said...

I'll bet Miles would have appreciated that post!