Monday, December 21, 2009

Check out this NEW Blues Lady! Gloria (Glo) Smith


Independent - primarily Christian Artist -- now branching out into the secular music field.

One album "My Heart Sings" has already been released. Another Christian album and a new secular album are in production.

Hailing from the small, quiet town of Ashland, KY where she still resides she is in good company. This is the home town of singers such as the Judds.


Glo started out writing and publishing poetry as a young girl, but always loved to sing her poetry before she wrote it.

Recently, she decided to share her love of music with others, and to leave a legacy of song not only for those close to her, but for anyone who truly loves music itself.

There was no greater way she could think of to love others than to give herself to them in song; to share the glory -- the pure magic of touching another human heart with the gentle caress of music.

Glo’s first CD, "My Heart Sings" has now been released, and she is in the process of recording her new secular album "Heart Ache" which should be released sometime this year, along with another Christian album still in the planning stages.

She has been singing all her life and it is the ultimate joy of her life; a joy that has overflowed into the desire she now has to share herself, her music, and her love of life with the world at large.

How can ones' heart hold such a love of music and not share it? It is her passion and her obsession.

Come and join her in her adventure! She sings of love because she is in love with her music, her God, and others.

Glo loves to laugh and enjoy her life. As she says, "Quit taking life so seriously; no one makes it out alive anyway!"

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