Sunday, December 20, 2009

Far ~ Regina Spektor

From BBC review
Spektor's determinedly semi-detached fascination with the minutiae of things may irritate some listeners – there's something about the curious biography outlined in the overly jaunty Folding Chair, with its imitation of dolphins singing, that provokes a concerned step backwards – but for the most part it throws up miniature marvels.

The easy but effective metaphor of Two Birds, the extrapolation of an unknown life spun from the contents of a found Wallet, the litany of calamities in lead single Laughing With, and the pretty but quietly disturbing One More Time With Feeling all exert a tangled fascination that keeps you in hushed thrall to their operatic intensity.

Piano led, indie-accented, with surprising instrumental details and vocal tics aplenty, Far showcases a singer-songwriter of considerable (if occasionally unfocused to the point of unhinged) ability. But behind Spektor's cutesy cartoon outlines lie songs full of adult drama and detail that catch the imagination when you're least expecting them to.

Track Listings
1. Calculation, The
2. Eet

3. Blue Lips

4. Folding Chair
5. Machine
7. Human Of The Year
8. Two Birds
9. Dance Anthem Of The 80s
10. Genius Next Door
11. Wallet
12. One More Time With Feeling
13. Man Of A Thousand Faces


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