Monday, October 20, 2008

For all of you Linkin Park fans(and even for some who aren't)

I'm not a huge Linkin Park fan like some of the other people I know, but when it comes to their songs "Numb" and "Numb Encore" I really like them. I guess it's because when I was in High School(or whatever) I actually felt like I could relate to this song. Of course now that I think about it there are a lot of songs that I thought related to me in High School that I don't think relate to me now.

This is Numb

and this is Numb Encore

For those of you who don't know the only thing different(besides the music video) is that in the Encore version Linkin Park is doing it with Jay-Z and he's the one doing the most singing.
Numb Encore also opened my eyes to Jay-Z. After I listened to that I liked him a lot more then I used to and started to apprieciate rap just a little more then I used to.

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