Saturday, October 18, 2008


OK GO is one of those bands I just happened to stumble upon, I never really liked them at first. I didn't even know about them until I saw their dance video on the News. I was so surprised I didn't find out about them sooner because I watch videos on YouTube everyday and that's supposedly how they got famous.

I thought there dance videos were cool as you can see for yourself and many people tried to recreate them(I could make blog posts on things like that and I'm not just talking one or two). When I found out they could actually sing which was shortly after I saw their dance videos it didn't take me much time to get hooked on them.
I would tell you what my favorite is, but truth be told I don't really have one. Because I don't want this Blog post to go on forever I'll just give you one.
It's called "Invincible" and when I listen to it I truly feel that way. I guess it's because I always get the feeling they're singing to me(even if they aren't.

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