Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ceu - Vagarosa

A reviewer at Amazon is very articulate in his/her comment -
Ceu is one of the new wave of Brasilian female vocal talents and two years after her 2007 debut comes another collection of well-crafted, lazy, occasionally edgy, soulful grooves. The album title actually translates as `slow, easygoing and leisurely' so you get the idea, it's more sofa than party time.

The album kicks off in mellow acoustic style with Ceu extolling the joy of the invisible chemistry of love accompanied only by the distinctive Brasilian sound of the cavaquinho before the mood darkens slightly with `Cangote', her sweet vocals sitting on a jazzy dub reggae rhythm as turntable scratches, melodica and organ snippets swirl around the song's extremities to great effect giving us our first hint of Ceu's adventurous musicality.


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