Sunday, November 29, 2009

TrioVD - Fill It Up With Ghosts

Review from the Guardian 2008
Most of the groups operated at the extreme edges of improv, noise, experimental funk and mind-bending volume, but the Leeds-based trioVD - guitarist Chris Sharkey, saxophonist Christophe de Bezenac and drummer Chris Bussey - offered some of the most focused and intricate yet thrilling music. They specialise in a fast, tight and awesomely expert conjunction of staccato and spiky high-energy compositions, uninhibited sax and guitar improv and machine-gun drumming. Sharkey (who also plays with Acoustic Ladyland saxophonist Pete Wareham in the Final Terror) is at the cutting-edge of contemporary improv-fusion guitar technique, colliding headlong free-jazz phrasing with roaring thrash metal riffs and ghostly electronics.

Newest Album - Fill it with Ghosts
1. Returns
2. Kesh
3. Sixes and Sevens
4. To Whom-
5. Fill It Up With Ghosts
6. Rash
7. Cow Dun

Few videos about but these give a taste

Fill It Up With Ghosts

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