Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ben Kweller and his Grandmother

I found this video very inspiring. The notes at YouTube say;
This is the brand new video for "Penny On The Train Track". Starring Ben Kweller's remarkable 82 year old grandmother, Bubbie. Filmed by Ben and edited by Ryan Foregger in NYC.

Ben Kweller - Penny On The Train Track

I hope when and if I make it to 82 years old, that I have this kind of energy. I also like the music too.

Changing Horses
Changing Horses by Ben Kweller
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Track List

1. Gypsy Rose 4:56
2. Old Hat 4:12
3. Fight 2:54
4. Hurtin' You 2:47
5. Ballad Of Wendy Baker 3:58
6. Sawdust Man 4:12
7. Wantin' Her Again 2:42
8. Things I Like To Do 2:09
9. On Her Own 4:01
10. Homeward Bound 3:50


Ron Moorby said...

Grandma is very energetic and obviously enjoying herself.

Lots of stuff on here - need to keep track!

Fitzgerald said...

Yes, I pray that I can be an energetic grandpa. LOL.