Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jane French and Steve Conte(not together)

I know this sounds weird, but sometimes I get introduced to new songs just by watching TV. This has actually happened to me twice so far.
This was the theme song to Passions when it was on TV. It's sung by Jane French and it's called Breathe. I'm not sure if I listened to any of her songs before this, but I thought it sounded pretty so I decided to share it with you.

This was the theme song to Wolf's Rain when it was on TV. It's sung by Steve Conte and it's called Stray. I'm not too fond of this version of the song because in my opinion it goes on too long, but you guys might like it.

If you do this is another song by Steve Conte, it's called Heaven's not enough.

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Fitzgerald said...

Hey Kim this is good stuff. I like the Steve Conte, especially the last one. The music fits with the animation really well. Thanks for sharing. :)