Tuesday, March 10, 2009


OK - I'm not quite sure about how she is going to pan out - she looks good and has some radical views. I do hope there will be more rock chick and less Kelly Clarkson type music.

Well there are certainly lots of basques in this 2001 cover of Labelle's 1975 single "Lady Marmalade" with Christina Aguilera, rapper Lil' Kim and Mýa that I remember on the soundtrack of the film Moulin Rouge! It is definitely enjoyable!

Pink has gained some notoriety with her campaign for PETA,she sent a letter to Prince William criticizing him for fox hunting and one to Queen Elizabeth II protesting the use of real fur in the bearskins of the Foot Guards....

I always feel amazement at the number of people who watch YouTube videos - over 28 million for this one which has her in the bath -I suspect a very high proportion being teenage boys So What

Similarly Pepsi gauged their market

Anyway I wish the lady well - I think
'what you see is what you get'


Fitzgerald said...

Pink is definetly hot. Love that last video it is a send up of the movie Sparitcus. Cool.

Stuart said...

Really excited to see her on this Funhouse Tour. P!nk is an amazing performer. Soo good live. I'm trying to catch at least two of these upcoming shows. See you all there!