Tuesday, March 24, 2009

John Mellencamp's Thouhgt on Music

Not only do I like to listen to music, I like to study its production, promotion and to try to understand it as a business.

I recently read an blog posting by rocker John Mellencamp in the Huffingtonpost. The title of the article is On My Mind: The State of the Music Business. He makes a few good points, for example he says;
Reagan's much-vaunted trickle-down theory said that wealth tricked down to the masses from the elite at the top. Now we've found out that this is patently untrue -- the current economic collapse reflects this self-serving folly. The same holds for music. It doesn't trickle down; it percolates up from the artists, from word of mouth, from the streets and rises up to the general populace. Constrained by the workings of SoundScan/BDS, music now came from the top and was rammed down people's throats.

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