Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Selection of Songs Inspired by the Wife

Today is turning into one of those days where the wife is on my mind a lot. We got up this morning and the jokes started. She reminded me that we have been married for 20+ years (as if I could have forgotten that). So I pointed out to her that if she does not get out soon, we will have been married for 30 years.

We both found this funny, it is hard to explain the humor between a husband and wife. I just recommend that you get yourself one, and have fun with him or her.

After our laugh and some light breakfast she is of shopping (something she does best). And so I am left here with thoughts of her lingering.

Well there is always the music;

So the first song that came to mind and kind of sets the tone, we often have a (tongue in cheek) conversation that kind of goes like the BB King song "Cost to pay the boss."

Then came a feeling of Muskrat Love

Which led to me thinking about John Mayer's Your Body is a Wonderland.

BB King

Jeff Beck

Captain & Tennille

John Mayer

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