Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Drums - Summertime

A really good review on Amazon - part of which I put here
The Drums are a new US band who take the basic Brian Wilson template, mix it with Shangri La's style angst perfect pop, Jonathan Richman daftness and then add Orange Juice, the Smiths and New Order to produce a fascinating mix of styles and a joyous confection. If this band from Florida and more latterly the uber hot spot of Brooklyn split up tomorrow they can take pride in unleashing this mini classic which eludes so many bands. If you like Muse and all that bombastic pompous guff of 15 minute "prog epics" that make Rush sound like a bundle of laughs stay well clear since the sheer melodies and joy de vivre on this album will probably send you spiralling to accident and emergency.
So fun then!


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