Monday, January 18, 2010

King Midas Sound: Waiting for You

From Time Out
...Like industrial music, Waiting For You occupies a dystopian, postindustrial environment; like the Bug’s material, the album is heavy on dub and deep bass. The beats are buried under thick sheets of eerie haze, and even the up-tempo, almost perky cuts (like the dancehall-tinged “Outer Space”) are imbued with a haunted sense of dread. Robinson’s half-whispered, singsong falsetto augments that spectral feel, and sometimes seems to be summoning an oracle of doom. (When, close in on the mike, he intones lines like “The earth will kill you if you try to kill it,” it doesn’t seem like he’s being metaphorical.) This is heady, powerful stuff—just don’t expect to hear it at your next visit to Aéropostale.—Bruce Tantum

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