Thursday, January 28, 2010

Van Morrison On My Mind.

Today I played a few Van Morrison tunes on my station and a few friends commented on them. So that prompted me to take another look at Van Morrison's Store.

I really can't say enough to reflect how impressed with Van Morrison that I am. I think any fan of music, or musician starting out would do well to study his music.

I also ran across a couple of interesting YouTube clips of an interview that Mr. Morrison did. I hope you enjoy viewing them.

Still on Top: The Greatest Hits

click image for info


Ron Moorby said...

Van is the Man Kelvin - seen him several times - have dozens of albums. Good post

Fitzgerald said...

Yes, Ron without a doubt Van is the man. When you look at all he has done with his music over the years it is hard to argue that he is no one of the all time best musicians of all time.