Friday, January 15, 2010

Le Loup: Family (Indie)

Le Loup is an American indie band founded in late 2006 in Washington, D.C. by Sam Simkoff (keyboard/banjo). The band also includes Christian Ervin (computer), Michael Ferguson (guitar), Dan Ryan (bass), Robert Sahm (drums) and Jim Thomson (guitar). The group has drawn comparisons to Sufjan Stevens,Arcade Fire, The Books, Animal Collective and Yeasayer.

Part of a review from AltSound
In the age of the iPod, it’s encouraging to know that there are still bands producing albums that work as a whole document, not just a collection of discordant singles and obligatory filler. Each and every track on Family ties together beautifully, justifying their place without question or doubt and creating a whole that leaves no need to be filled. If Animal Collective go on to stand a true test of time then there is every promise that with them will be preserved a band of equal majesty in Le Loup; and even if’ll always be able to rely on Family.


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