Friday, June 26, 2009


The American Metaphysical Circus

A very complex record for its very psychedelic time, featuring some of the earliest recorded extensive use of synthesizers in rock music, it was released on the classical-oriented Columbia Masterworks label - making it quite possibly the only rock album to ever be released on a classical music label. In the present day, Byrd's fan base in the U.S. is likely exceeded by his following in Europe, particularly the UK, where he has been cited as a spiritual mentor to such important contemporary British bands as Radiohead, Broadcast, and Portishead.

Amazon UK The American Metaphysical Circus

This is a very interesting 10 minutes on Hippies - I recently went to Haight

This song transports me back to the hippy days

Amazon UK Woodstock: The Director's Cut [1969] [DVD]

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