Monday, June 1, 2009

Lean on Me

Terry Callier, grew up in the same Chicago area as Curtis Mayfield. He began recording in 1963 and became known for merging soul, jazz and folk. In the Eighties he turned to computer programming to support his daughter, but in 1991 his music was rediscovered by the acid jazz scene and he returned to the studio. Divorced, he lives in Chicago

Beth Orton was born in Norfolk. She nearly became an actress before turning to folk music after a chance meeting in 1993 with the producer William Orbit. Since then, she has worked with the Chemical Brothers and toured with Lilith Fair, and both of her albums were nominated for the Mercury Music Prize. She lives in London
Super combination - just makes you feel the happier for listening. I like and have albums of each individually - definitely life-enhancing music.
You can buy the EP in the UK here Best Bit EP

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