Saturday, February 28, 2009

British Comedy Songs

I do enjoy satire, intellectual comedy but sometimes I just want to let go with unrestrained belly laughs. Over the years I think the following work for me, unfortunately or not - I know most of the words.

I know that these are all white, middle-class humour but so what, they have a place.

The Ying Tong Song - The Goons changed humour in the UK for ever. This is a more complex song than might first appear. On another level its just silly - but easy to learn.

Benny Hill - nothing complex here either - but no swearing, just good fun.

Monty Python - whilst growing up I laughed and laughed and laughed.

John Shuttleworth - archetypal Northern English humour. My students think he is hilarious.

Goodies - there seems to be a thread here in inane unsophisticated humour.

Billy Connolly - a master - a very complex man - I recommend all to read 'Billy' by his wife Pamela Stevenson.

Victoria Wood - this is from a long time ago - she is so funny, so observant, breaking down barriers with careful, precise humour

Bill Bailey - brilliant - a classically trained musician, appears as a stand-up comedian and regularly on QI, if you haven't heard of the programme I recommend you to google it.


Joey Altruda said...

Do you know "The Laughing Policeman"???

Ron Moorby said...

I certainly do - and lots of others - The ugly bug's ball, three Billy Goat's Gruff etc

Fitzgerald said...

Hey Ron these are great. Thanks for the laughs. I loved watching Benny Hill on TV back when I was a kid.