Saturday, February 14, 2009

Latin Music

I have to thank Ry Cooder for giving me such pleasure over many hours. I remember seeing Buena Vista Social Club in a really old-fashioned cinema in Holmfirth many years ago. You sat in big chairs and could take a pint of beer and/or big mug of coffee to your seat. I have listened to Cuban Music on and off for years - I don't want to understand what he is saying - I am just transported by this..

I just wish I could dance merengue - mind you with such a partner I'd probably make an effort. I came across a salsa convention in San Sebastian a few years ago - marvellous.

I admire Shakira for her politics, vibrancy, youth and yes - it may be a guilty pleasure but I like the music!

... anyway back to men and flamenco guitar

... this one almost sounds Spanish - this is from a glorious album. I'd love to see these two live.

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