Thursday, February 12, 2009

Travel makes one a better person

I've been to California a couple of times - LA I can take or leave, Hollywood a bit tacky for my taste. Santa Monica and Venice brill - Yosemite, San Francisco excellent.
"L.A. Woman"-The Doors, Carolina in My Mind"-James Taylor

Been to Egypt a couple of times, cruising down the Nile. The Egyptians are such nice people - seeing Karnak and all the other temples puts everything else into perspective. Cairo is a 24 hour city and so full of contradictions - 21st century alongside medieval.

I went down the Canadian Rockies a year ago - brilliant. The people are everything they are supposed to be - so friendly, food is brilliant, the wildlife is extraordinary. The scenery is stunning as are the trees.
Canada (by Joni Mitchell)

Our heart really lies in Greece - been many, many times.
The Greeks Don't Want No Freaks - Eagles

Been to Morocco - Marrakesh Express-Crosby, Stills and Nash - excellent seafood, Fez and the Atlas Mountains brilliant.

Barcelona - Queen. Gaudi architecture good, I've taken kids walking down the Ramblas.
Spanish Moon (Little Feat)

LONDON calling by the Clash - not been in years!

Been to Cuba a couple of times. Havana is wonderful.
Cuba--Gibson Bros.
Cuban Crisis - Atlanta Rhythm Section

France - Grateful Dead

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