Thursday, February 5, 2009

More happy songs

Patti Smith - Because the Night every single word is crystal clear, a very sensual rendition. Written by Patti and Bruce Springsteen

Snow Patrol "You Could Be Happy" a lovely animation that you have to watch with a smile

Paul Weller - Wild Wood - effortless style and panache

Tina Turner performs Proud Mary live - I saw her on this tour - 20,000 people on their feet dancing for hours, superb. ... and the twins!

BB King, "The Thrill is Gone" - no it hasn't. I saw him 20 years ago twanging that Lucille.

Roy Orbison - Crying with K.D. Lang - two great singers.

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Fitzgerald said...

All these songs do make me happy. I love your comment on "The Thrill is Gone" that is one of my all time favorite blues songs. And that Tina Turner is a video that I could watch everday.